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Good News about Silverlight and WPF for a Change

But why is there no news from Microsoft?

Most of my posts lately have only been delivering bad news about BUILDS affects on our Silverlight and WPF projects. Instead of dropping 2 Silverlight and 1 WPF project, we will only be dropping one Silverlight project. I am lucky enough to work with some very bright people.

We have decided to push forward with the one of the Silverlight projects and the WPF project in order to introduce XAML into the environment. With METRO on the horizon you will have no choice but to learn XAML. The HTML/JS/CSS may pay off for the goal of attracting hobbyist and college kids, but it is going to make a heck of a lot of messes. Plus the Silverlight will run fine in the desktop browser. At least as of today it will.

XAML will be the only realistic choice for real development for METRO apps. The HTML/JS/CSS environment is messy as messy can get. I wish it would just be outlawed.

So that is good news for me and the teams I work with, but what about the community at large? Why is Microsoft not giving a solid answer about Silverlight?

Were you ever in one of those situations where you knew something about a friend, but didn't want to break the news to them because you knew it would upset them, or even damage your friendship?

They are intentionally not answering, because they don't have an answer anyone wants to hear. Except maybe the Silverlight haters. They know the party is over, but want it to continue as long as possible.

They don't want to shut down all the books coming out, or hurt their next release. The truth is Silverlight will be fine on the desktop side of METRO, at least it is now, but they aren't planning on delivering any good news, so instead they will just deliver none.

I know there are a lot of people out there saying "If they have not mentioned it, that means all is well". That just makes absolutely no sense what so ever. How hard is it to deliver some good news about Silverlight, or to include a session on it. Especially since the message was "We will give you news about Silverlight at BUILD"? They have no good news, so they aren't delivering any.

So what does that all mean? Do you listen to me. I wouldn't. I am just some clown who digs programming. I would determine for yourself what direction to take. Stop asking Microsoft for direction, because you aren't going to get any while the news is potentially bad news. If the situation changes, expect Silverlight Fire Starter II. Until then, download the tools, fire them up, and then see for yourself what is possible.

I am personally still moving ahead with learning more about Java (got two of the new Java books and the CSS books I ordered shown in this blog today), HTML5 (enough to keep it off my projects), and iOS (curious about how the other side of the force lives). I am also however moving forward with learning about METRO and XAML for Windows. I am not keeping all my eggs in the Microsoft basket anymore. They are a corporation with a major case of ADHD and I can't trust them to do the next right thing anymore.

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