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Windows 10 Review

Pure crap. Released too soon with way too many issues. I completely regret putting it on my bare metal. I only ran Windows 8/8.1 in VMware Fusion on my Mac.

I totally screwed the pooch and installed on my Alienware.

Issues include but are not limited to-

  • Cannot recognize my exFat formatted hard drives - which is a Microsoft designed format
  • Cannot copy large files - Backing up my Virtuals to external hard drives continuously fails
  • Cannot list all the applications i have installed in the start menu- Google "512 apps windows 10 start menu"
  • Screen Flickers are going to give me a seizure!!!
  • I forgot how much I DID NOT miss the Blue Screen of Death. Luckily now it is sometimes black!!!
  • Windows Update is now more of a virus than a tools. You have zero control over it.
  • Wi-Fi works when it feels like it. Non-repeatable issues
  • All my browsers have issues
  • Edge = Turd... Who is the world design that mess??? Fire them... NOW!!! It is not a browser. It is an ADHD nightmare application.

Do yourself a favor and stick with Windows 7. I messed up and went with the every other release from Microsoft is good theory.

Yep, I got it for free. If they want me to install it anywhere else it will cost them $500 per box!!!

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