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The Ransomware that was once the worst PC Virus/Trojan in history - Windows 8 now called Windows 10

This virus that was once known as Windows 8 and 8.1, that has been renamed Windows 10, has been allowed to go unchecked by both the business world and the government.

It masks itself as an operating system, but as soon as it has been installed it kicks off an unstoppable process called Windows Update.  It reaches out and pulls down more and more of the virus creating a deadly package, which will shred your systems mercilessly.  That is unless you pay the hackers.

The hackers who created the ransomware, known only as Microsoft, have lobbied Washington and held some of the biggest businesses in the world hostage.

We have suffered repeatedly from the "Windows 8 and 10 Windows Update Restart Trojan", but the latest took us down completely.

We have recently suffered the dreaded "Windows 10 Anniversary Update Bomb - Spinning Login Circles".  It has destroyed my Alienware 18X.  Although the data was left behind, 5 years worth of software configuration, development environments, proof of concept labs, installations, account settings, and more are lost.  This will cost us weeks of man hours to repair, and new equipment in the 5K range.  In total we estimate a $15,000 loss.

I know- peanuts to the Hackers and the other big businesses being held ransom, but it is taking down my small business.

Microsoft is not being held accountable by anyone because of all the other issues facing the world today.  They are not a company we should avoid, they are an enemy that should be destroyed.

Update - Right after I posted this I went to feed our Beta Fish - Alex.  He has passed away.  He has been here for 3 years.  I am also holding Microsoft responsible for this.  When you are in league with the devil, your reach is endless.

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